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Biodata Research Awards, Recognisations & Honors Books & Articles General Profile


Samaj Parivartanasathi Antarjatiy Vivah - A booklet in Marathi It is in the market  since 1980 and still in demand.
Vidnyan Darshan - A book in Marathi
Sir, C. V. Raman , a book in Marathi.
Medical Instruments, A book in Marathi.
Second edition of Sir C. V. Raman, a book in Marathi, has been brought out.
CT scan - third eye of the doctor , in English.
CT scan - Book in Marathi
These books were published as an exploratory series of books of which first edition has been sold out.
Superclone , Scientific fiction in Marathi and translated in Kannada. Presently being used as a text book for M.A. Marathi of Pune University.
Foundation course in Physics, UNESCO Publication English.
Antarali, Science Fiction, Marathi. This novel was read through out the year on All India Radio, Jalgaon followed by Solapur AIR centre.
Mahamanav Einstein, Marathi, International Year of Physics Celebration (2005) Included in the list of best seller of the year 2005.
More than Hundred articles in Marathi on various subjects.
Amhi Shasrdnya Kase Zalo? A translation of the book One Hundred Reasons To be a Scientists Published by Abdus Salam International Center For Theoretical Physics , Trieste, Italy.

Subject expert and co-ordinator for five films on Medical Instrumentation and ten films on other subjects. for the EMRC, Pune.
More than twenty-five talks on All India Radio.
Active participation in the activities organized by Peoples Science Movement.
About two hundred lectures at school, colleges and public places in urban and remote rural areas since 1980.



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