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Biodata Research Awards, Recognisations & Honors Books & Articles General Profile

Dr. P. B.Vidyasagar has been working in the field of Medical and Health Physics for the last twenty years. The significant contributions that he has made assume more importance on the following background. He has started his work in this field at the times when it was little known in the University system. Over the years he has been able to develop the tradition of interdisciplinary studies by introducing various courses and also motivating students to undertake research programs in this field. He has been able to attract students from other developing countries such as Bangladesh, Iran and Indonesia to work in his laboratory. The students trained under his guidance are successfully conducting research in their respective countries. He has published his research work in internationally acclaimed journals. The following brief account brings out his important contributions in the areas of research, teaching and science popularization

Science and Society:

Dr. Vidyasagar has made unique and significant contributions at the interface of science and society through scientific writing. Over the years he has participated in science popularization programs organized by Govt. of India and other Non Governmental Organizations. He has to his credit 13 books (Marathi and English), about 150 articles in news papers and magazines, 25 Radio talks, Ten educational films, about 100 lectures on science subjects at remote places, school and colleges. One of his books has been translated in Kannada language and has been serialized in a weekly.





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